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September 19, 2009



Have you factored in minor league pay? I've had a few friends who know they can't make it in the bigs, but can play for a few years in their early twenties in A and AA ball. This results in a low salary, but some money to live on during the 6-8 month season.

Chris A.

@J: Yes, some guys are paid well enough in the minors, but they often do so at the expense of a college education, and/or they'll have to start at the very bottom of the ladder when they begin their professional life after sports. This means postponing, if not permanently reducing, their post-career maximum income potential.


Actually, I wonder if baseball players might not do better. Having to spend 6 years or more in the minors, working in the off season to pay bills, might actually give you some appreciation of money. (The typical 3 year vet is a someone who hit the bigs at 26 or 27 - the guys who make it at 21 are the stars)

The NFL kids in particular are chewed up and spit out right out of school. They go from a school environment where everything is paid for and they aren't allowed to have money, to a professional team where they are suddenly handling $100,000s, and then poof.

Add to that the sense of invulnerability young men have, further enhanced by having survived a brutal winnowing out process to get to the pros - it's amazing any NFL players avoid bankrupcy.

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