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July 25, 2011


Neal Inman

Great summary Dr. Steckbeck-I'm loving the charts!

Jack Jackson

Strong arguments but I need to know your view on the following events to determine if you are, in fact, what you accuse the Democrats of being...

Was it sound or unsound fiscal policy for Bush II to cut taxes w/o the Congress cutting programs in a likewise fashion?

Same question for both middle Eastern wars

Same question for the prescription drug entitlement increase.

(My presumption is that you saw them as wrong-headed and economically irresponsible. Could you point to some web history that demonstrates your view at the time?)

Did this over-stimulus add to the bubble that crashed the economy in 2008?

The priority for our government should be stimulating demand which will in turn create jobs. My favorites are transportation infrastructure, education, renewing the power grid. These enable all Americans to better compete internationally.

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