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July 17, 2012


Timothy B.

This argument is illogical because companies who discriminate based on gender face the same detriment as those who discriminate based on traits other than ability: they weaken their human capital by purposefully excluding those with the skills to bring value to their operations. Even if there is collusion/tradition/what have you that prevents a company from hiring from this populace, eventually an organization will rise to capitalize on this underutilized population and thrive.

This is an interesting field of research. Coming from a profession that pays men and women equally, and in which more women serve as coordinators and managers/directors than men, I would be interested to see a more detailed analysis. For instance, in many healthcare fields there are ranges in 'full-time' employment as disparate as 24 to 40 hours per week. Are these weekly numbers adjusted to a per hour basis? Or another example: are attorneys' hours adjusted based on billable status?

It's hard to deny an income gap exists, but how much of that is due to a true difference in pay rates versus fewer wage hours? Or other circumstances that these numbers obscure?

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